Love Yourself Now

I haven’t posted on here in ages. I’ve been meaning to, have thought about things I’d like to write about, but never seemed to get around to it. Life just got in the way.

Yesterday I read a fantastic blog post, by Neghar Fonooni who is an awesome trainer and writes an amazing blog called Eat, Lift and Be Happy (definitely check it out). It’s a guest piece she has written on Molly Galbraith’s blog (who is another fantastic trainer and inspiring writer).

So anyway, I read this post and I so related.

How many of us women hate our bodies on a daily basis? Look at ourselves in the mirror and find fault? Ignore all the positive things, all the amazing things about ourselves.

The mountains you’ve climbed (physical and metaphorical), the babies you’ve grown, the feats you’ve accomplished. All of that gets forgotten the moment you’re in the changing rooms somewhere with shitty lighting and trying on something that’s cut for a teenager (Lulu Lemon changing rooms anyone?!).

We forget how beautiful we all are. We forget how strong we are. We forget how amazing we are.

We need to learn how to love ourselves AS WE ARE RIGHT NOW. How to love every part of ourselves. And that is hard, and difficult and complicated. Because we’re not raised to. We’re not encouraged to. It’s always about losing that last 5 lbs, or getting that bikini body or reaching some ever moving standard.

But that’s all bullshit! We are all beautiful. As we are. Right now.

Give yourself permission to love yourself now. Then read this. It’s awesome



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