Be a nice human


I’m asking The Universe/God for a miracle tonight.

The Scottish people have cast their votes, and those votes are now being counted.

By tomorrow morning we will know if we are still part of the United Kingdom or if we are an independent country.

Whatever the decision, we will need to come together and get on with it.

There are divisions in this country, deep ones, and there are strong feelings on both sides. Most people are sensible, balanced and respectful of the opposition. However, some people have been caught up in the emotion of the whole event and have been spouting vitriol and hatred.

These divisions run deep, I have friends and family on both sides of the debate, and all I want is that we all live in peace and harmony going forward, whatever the decision.

That we all make the best of whatever outcome we have, and that the political engagement, sense of community and capacity to get things done continues and is applied to many worthy causes.

Please pray tonight that that happens. That as a country the wounds that have been exposed during this long campaign can heal and we move forward as one.




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