Time to Reflect

This morning I was flicking through a newspaper as I ate my breakfast. It, like most news outlets is still full of articles on the school shooting in Connecticut. I read one particular piece that had me welling up.

It was about a teacher who realising what was going on when she heard gunshots over the tannoy, moved her class of young children into the bathroom and barricaded the door with a bookcase. She begged them to stay silent by telling them that ‘bad guys were out there’. When the children got scared, she told them to ‘wait for the good guys, they’re on their way’ and asked them to show her their smile. Then, when she thought they were all to be killed, she told every child that she loved them very much so that it was the last thing they heard. All of them were saved.

A week today it is Christmas, we’re in the middle of a frenzy of shopping and cooking and stress about getting things done.

I’m taking some time to reflect and have gratitude for what I already have. The people in my life that I care about. And the realisation that although the world is a scary place sometimes, there is still good out there and people willing to help. ‘Good guys’ ARE out there.





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