Misty mornings

Last couple of days I’ve woken at 5am.  I haven’t set the alarm, I just seem to have woken at that time and not been able to get back to sleep.

This morning I spoke to a couple of friends online who are in different time zones.  Then I stood at the window and looked out at the foggy landscape for a while.

The fog was thick, you couldn’t see much at all and it leant an eerie look to the landscape.  I always think fog makes a place look atmospheric.  It cloaks the area in mystery and transforms somewhere familiar into somewhere different entirely.  What could be hiding under the mist?  What treasures are hiding waiting to be discovered when those mists clear?  What possibilities lie beneath it?

Driving into work this morning a lot of people were being hesitant because they couldn’t see what was up ahead.  Most of them knew the way, but because the familiar landmarks had been taken away and they could only see a small amount ahead, folk were driving slower than usual.

Do we always need to see the whole road ahead?  Or do we only need to see the part we’re travelling on right now?

I’ve been guilty recently of focusing too much on the big goal, the destination I want to get to, that I’ve got stuck and not known what to do to get there, as it seemed so far away.

But I only really need to see a little bit further ahead.

If I see the road in front of me well enough to take that step, and keep on taking small steps towards my destination then I’ll get there.  And as I get more confident, as the mists clear, as the possibilities are revealed to me, then I can pick up speed and move quicker towards my goal.




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