Walking off the lead…

Change, it’s a recurring theme for me recently.

Not only me, the people around me are feeling it too. Clients, family, friends, change is in the air. Not sure if it’s to the forefront at the moment because it’s Spring.  Or at least meant to be.
Anyway, change.  It’s a powerful decision.  To decide to make things different.  Sometimes you make the decision yourself, other times it’s made for you.
The other day I took my sister’s dog out a walk.
All ready for her walk, cute as a button in her coat

All ready for her walk, cute as a button in her coat

Molly is kind of insane.  She’s been to dog training and started chaos with all the other dogs there. She’s ben hyper since she was brought home.  She jumps — continuously, and leaps about on her back legs.  Not sure anyone has told her dogs walk on all four….  My sister got a dog trainer to come to her house and do one to one training.  The trainer said that Molly was hugely anxious and that was why she was behaving in that way. After that lesson, she was much better.  She calmed down a lot.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s still got a way to go, she’s not going to be taking any prizes in Crufts anytime soon.  But she’s much more settled and she’s becoming better at walking on the lead.  Previously she would pull and run ahead, ending up choking herself on the collar.  Now she’s getting better at walking on the lead and taking her time.  So change can happen in a short period of time, even when it seems like it never will, and make a big difference.
When Molly’s anxiety cleared and she realised she didn’t need to be so anxious all the time, then her behaviour changed  How many things in our life make us anxious, how many of these ‘choke’ us daily and prevent us from walking forward in our lives?
Calm enough now to go for a paddle!
This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about change. I’ve had conversations with  few different people. Some people have change foisted upon them because of changes that happen in their lives.  Others feel they are ‘stuck’ and think that big changes are the way forward for them. Both of these situations are making people anxious.
So i invite you to learn a lesson from Molly’s experience…. What is making you anxious just now? What changes or proposed changes are causing you anxiety?  Is it a change you want to make but aren’t sure how?  Is it a change that you feel you need help with?  For a moment, let that anxiety clear, put it down for a bit.  You can pick it up again later if you choose to :).  But unload whatever worries you have about the change for now, the questions of how to go about it or what will happen next. And just think about how you will feel when you have made that change.
Picture it, in your mind, the outcome of the change.  Get the image clear and bright and perfect.  Notice how you look in the picture, what you’re wearing, how you are walking. Listen to what is happening around you.  Are people complimenting you on making that change?  What are you saying to yourself?  Feel what it feels like to have made that change. To have achieved that goal. And notice how much easier it is now to move forward in your life.
You may find you don’t want to pick those anxieties up again, but instead choose to be free of them, and walk forward into the new you with ease….
Getting better at walking to heel!

Getting better at walking to heel!



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