Watching the movie unfold

Photograph by Karen Brown

Photograph by Karen Brown

Do you ever feel like you’re watching the movie of your life? ┬áThat you’re outside, watching it unfold: seeing the panoramic shots, the shot of you looking out a window while atmospheric music plays, and watching the plot twists and turns?

Do you look on and see the events that seem random but later on in the story you notice how the plot lines come together and that coincidence or twist of fate wasn’t so random after all – it took you to where you were meant to be or put someone in your life that you were meant to meet?

The hardships and obstacles that seemed insurmountable at the time but watching the movie you can see the benefits they brought and the lessons learned.

The people who come into the story, those who disappear, some who turn up again much further into the plot, seemingly out of the blue.

Songs that play in the background that have a special meaning.

Images that are fuzzy and black and white, others that are clear and bright and colourful.

And the feeling you get when you know the movie is about to get exciting, that something is building, the story is going to change into something entirely wonderful and new.

That’s how I feel right now.




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